Thursday, December 20, 2012

Big changes coming

Taking a break once again from the managerial process toil...

As was announced today to the various teams I am part of, early next year, I will be departing from Pearson. My emotions are very mixed, as the last four years here have been a fun, exciting challenge. I'm very proud of the products we've produced as a team, and proud to know and work with some of the best people around. I will miss most of them. (jk)

As many folks know, my time with Ithaca Software was just about the best time of my working life -- a great group of crazy-smart people, a cool product, and a chance to conquer the world. With the new year, I will be going back into startupville. I will be President and co-founder of a team that will be focused on transferring many new and upcoming technologies to the practical commercial market. Some of what we do will be work-for-hire software, but much of it will not be. I can't really go into details or I'd have to kill you. We will be here in the Phoenix area.

The first few folks are on board already, and just as with Ithaca Software, they are all some of the most wicked-smart people I have ever encountered. This is going to be a wild ride. After meeting the entire team, my wife's comment was, "You guys are either going to save the world, or go down in a massive ball of flames." I agree, we're all-in, and there won't be a middle-ground. I look forward to the challenge!

Oh, and yes, the bloggings will continue until morale improves...

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  1. "Take me in or just take me out.
    Put me on if you must or just put me down.
    'Cause I'm done, I'm all worn out.
    We're either alive or a lie,
    I'm done with the middle ground."
    -- Vertical Horizon